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Complimentary Pre-Divorce Counseling With Therapist

We Will Pay For Your Pre-Divorce Family Evaluation

Would you like to engage the services of a law firm that goes the extra mile for you, every step of the way, giving you your money’s worth? At Moshtael Family Law we do every bit of this and more.

Hiring our firm for your divorce will help you sail through the process with outstanding professional guidance and support all along. We want to make this journey less difficult for you and your impressionable children. We pick the right therapists, pay for the right counselor, and make the most appropriate recommendations to preserve your interests and that of your kids.

Divorce is a traumatic process and almost anyone going through this stressful experience may need support in the form of family therapy, parenting consultant, and so forth. We help you in choosing the right professionals that will be beneficial for your children and you.

Simply put, our job is to prepare and guard you and your little ones every step of the way as you go through the divorce. Any therapy sessions that you may have will be completely confidential, and not shared with Moshtael Family Law, unless authorized by you.

If you are already working with a counselor, we could discuss the option of having them perform a thorough assessment again, payable by Moshtael Family Law.


Why would we pay for the evaluation?

The main idea behind paying for evaluation service is to leave no stone unturned in protecting you and your children as you go through the divorce process.


Benefits of Counseling Prior to Your Divorce

Professional counseling with a therapist before your divorce could offer the following benefits:

Improved communication between the estranged spouses: In many cases, someone contemplating or going through a divorce may be unable to talk things out cordially with the other spouse. This is when therapy helps in teaching constructive conversation methodology.

Rational discussion on vital issues: When the someone is  primed to have reasonable discussion with the other party, they are able to go through the divorce process more sensibly. It may not be the ideal solution to the problem, but if divorce is the inevitable solution, then might as well do it smartly.

Prioritizing children’s welfare: No matter how bad things are between couples, it should never be the reason to scar the children for life. If parents can’t work things out between themselves, the therapist helps in making the divorce less hard for the children.

Going through divorce proceedings with minimum friction: Divorcing couples are likely to have disagreement over many things as they go through the process. With professional counseling, our clients can minimize the friction, and make the divorce less taxing for both sides.


Child Custody Evaluation

Independent child custody assessments are necessary for the judge to make a final custody decision in a separation, annulment, separate maintenance judgment, or case of custody involving unwed parents.

It is the judge’s prerogative to demand independent child custody assessment in order to determine whether any psychological harm has occurred to the child and why. The emotional turbulence experienced by a child could be a result of domestic violence, drug abuse, abandonment, meddling with the other parent’s time with the child, and so on.

The mental health professionals (as autonomous child custody assessors) are tasked with the responsibility of evaluating the parents and family in order to determine which parent should have the custody correlating with the best interests of the child.

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