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Divorce is a difficult ordeal for any family, but having the right legal counsel can make all the difference during this trying time. The lawyers at Moshtael Family Law have the experience and skill to advise you on the best approach to your case – whether that’s mediation or litigation – to help you achieve the best results. Our attorneys have a strong and proven track record addressing difficult and complex Family Law cases. If you’re initiating a divorce or modifying an existing arrangement, our team can help you navigate the complex process, educate you and then protect your rights to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Child Custody

The well-being and future of your children is of the utmost importance. Therefore, if you find yourself in a child custody dispute it’s paramount that the best interests of your children are considered. Child custody is divided into “legal custody” and “physical custody.” Legal custody empowers one or both parents with the responsibility of decision-making, including issues regarding health, education, welfare, and religion. A physical custody order details how much time the child will spend with each parent. These responsibilities may be shared between parents or awarded to one parent. At Moshtael Family Law, we provide aggressive representation to ensure that both the welfare of the children and the needs of our client are fully addressed.

Child Support

When establishing a child support order, it’s important to ensure that the courts are aware of all factors that may affect the outcome of the order. Your attorney will assist you in gathering the necessary income and expense information, as well as other relevant details such as child care and health insurance costs. These key facts will assist in determining the proper amount of child support to be paid. Therefore, it’s vital that the courts have accurate and complete information. Your attorney from Moshtael Family Law has decades of experience with these types of cases and can ensure that you’re fully prepared to supply the court with the right information to obtain the right result.

Division of  Property

In many cases there can be substantial property tied up in divorce proceedings and, as a result, this can be a very contentious topic. Whether one spouse wants to maintain ownership of the property or both would like the property liquidated and the assets divided, these can be difficult issues to navigate. No matter which you choose, the decisions made in a property division case can significantly impact your financial future. You deserve an attorney who recognizes the seriousness of this matter, and at Moshtael Family Law we’re dedicated to ensuring that a fair and reasonable resolution is met.

Business Valuation

When spouses undergoing a divorce share ownership of a business, a value must be determined to achieve a fair division of their assets. Determining the value of a business can be a lengthy and complicated process, many times involving use of other experts, and thus requiring the skills of an attorney who is greatly experienced with these types of cases. The lawyers at Moshtael Family Law have significant experience in handling business valuations and will provide you a complete strategy for valuing your company’s worth for your settlement or litigation purposes.

Post-Judgment Modification of Orders

After a divorce or child custody judgment circumstances may change that require a modification of orders. Whether this is income, living arrangements or other change in circumstance, either parent may seek to modify the arrangement to better suit his or her needs and/or the needs of their children. Common modifications involve child support, child custody, parent relocation, and spousal support. Moshtael Family Law legal team can help you prepare your best case for the modification by gathering all of the necessary documents and information in a coherent and persuasive manner for use in trial or for settlement. If your ex-spouse is requesting a modification, we can also help you defend against such request if unsupported and reach an agreement that addresses your needs as well.

Domestic Violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence, ensuring that you, your children, and your livelihood are protected is of the upmost importance. At Moshtael Family Law, we represent both male and female victims of domestic violence to ensure that the cycle of abuse is broken and they can resume their lives in a healthy, safe environment. Whether this is achieved through a restraining order, a granting of sole legal and physical custody of any children involved, or other means, our experience and sensitive legal team can guide you through the steps required to achieve legal resolution.

Unfortunately, not all domestic violence claims are truthful and are brought to gain advantage in other arears of a divorce such as child custody disputes. When such serious but false accusations are levied against you, we will put the accuser to the task of proving such allegations and help ensure that an unfair advantage is not achieved.

Restraining Orders

There might be a variety of reasons you might choose to seek a restraining order. Whether you’re a survivor of domestic violence, a victim of stalking or harassment, or protecting an elder or dependent adult from caregiver abuse, Moshtael Family Law can provide you with fast, reliable representation in obtaining your restraining order. We’ll walk you through the different types, as well as the eligibility requirements, and help you throughout the process of getting the court order. In cases of emergency, we can assist you with how to attain an emergency protective order for immediate protection.

Spousal Support

During and after a divorce, spousal support is often awarded to one of the spouses as a means of supporting them through the adjustment period. The purpose of this support is to limit the economic side effects of the divorce that may unfairly impact one spouse over the other. Unlike child support, the courts have a tremendous amount of discretion when it comes to the amount of spousal support or whether to award spousal support at all. Whether you are the one paying spousal support or the one receiving spousal support, Moshtael Family Law can help you reach an arrangement that is appropriate to you. No matter your circumstances, you should have aggressive, qualified legal counsel to achieve the best outcome possible.

Prenuptial Agreements

Many couples see prenuptial agreements as “planning for the worst,” and in some ways it is. However, signing a prenuptial agreement can be one of the most practical decisions a couple can make before marriage. These arrangements can ensure that any assets remain with the original owner upon dissolution of the marriage. The lawyers at Moshtael Family Law will draft the agreement to include protection of all personal and business assets, as well as any other stipulations the couple would like to include.

Post-Nuptial Agreements

Many couples don’t choose to enter into nuptial agreements prior to marriage. However, some may come into substantial assets after the marriage and chose to draft a contract at that time. If you’re already married and would like to create a written post-nuptial agreement to settle your estate in the event of divorce, the attorneys at Moshtael Family Law can help you create an agreement that meets all of your specifications. You may include all personal and business assets, as well as other stipulations to be followed in the event of a divorce. Our experienced attorneys can make this process easy and stress-free for parties looking for a practical solution to shared assets.

Attorney’s Fees

Finding and attaining a lawyer can be a very expensive process. Moshtael Family Law are cost conscious and strive to offer affordable, fair rates to all of our clients. In many cases there may not be access to sufficient funds and assets during the course of a divorce. In these cases a spouse may be entitled to a contribution from their spouse to cover the cost of legal fees. Our attorneys can help you obtain fees to provide you with fair and qualified representation throughout your divorce.

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