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Sheri G. Laughlin

Divorce & Family Law attorney in Orange County.

Focus Areas

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody & Visitations
  • Domestic Violence
  • Spousal Support
  • and Other Family Law Issues

Sheri G. Laughlin is a divorce and family law attorney in Southern California with almost 30 years of experience. Over the years, Sheri has acquired a reputation as a successful litigator who is compassionate and dedicated to her client’s cause, and who will represent them with a sharp legal acumen in jury and judge trials, arbitrations
and mediations.


Personalized Divorce & Family Law Representation

What distinguishes Sheri from others is that her decades of experience and success has not diluted her forceful commitment to get deeply and personally involved in her client’s case. For every single client, she provides one-on-one representation from the initial meeting through finalization. She is not someone who will hand off a client’s case to younger counsel or merely assign it a number and forget about it. Sheri recognizes that for a client a divorce or family law proceeding is a life altering experience. When they approach her for a case, they are going through a difficult time, and they place their complete trust in her because of her reputation. Sheri realizes the enormous responsibility that she bears for every client, and she is driven by a single-minded passion to accomplish their goals, and live up to the trust that they have placed in her abilities. Sheri combines her deep knowledge of divorce and family law in California and her legal skills with meticulous preparation. She is personally aware of every detail and fact of the client’s case and stays on top of her iron-clad preparation for court hearings and trial.


Focus on Productive Resolution

Sheri knows from experience how vital it is to know opposing counsel and to strive for a productive and positive engagement. She appreciates that legal fees can be expensive because legal proceedings often take longer than anticipated. She knows that if parties seeking divorce or legal separation are capable of discussing their issues, time and expense can be saved. Sheri encourages positive mediation, and has assisted many couples, throughout the years, by mediating their case in an office setting, thereby avoiding court intervention.


Empathetic, Yet Aggressive Divorce Attorney

As a woman, Sheri understands what children go through in a divorce. Children are her priority when parents part. For her, shielding a child from parental differences is of paramount importance. If court intervention is unavoidable, Sheri will represent her client’s interests with expediency, knowledge and aggression, while remaining mindful of the client’s costs. Wherever a client is simply unable to afford legal retaining, Sheri offers them critical legal advice on an hourly basis, prepares them thoroughly, and readies their documentation or court filing and/or hearing. Sheri G. Laughlin, Esq. takes pride in her work, and is committed to utilizing her legal expertise and experience for the larger good of the society and to the best of her ability.

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J.D., Western State University, College of Law – Fullerton, California 1999

Cal. Bar No. 208117 (Admitted July 2000) B.A., California State University, San Marcos – San Marcos, California 1994

Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County

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